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I met Chelsea Pensioner Walter Wildgoose in 1977 when he was 87 and I was 26. Through a series of letters written over the last year of his life, he passed along his life story - the workhouse children's home, a life in the British Army witnessing the opening battles of World War I and life in India, a remarkable family surviving the bombs of World War II London. This blog will document my research and progress on the novel I'm writing about this amazing man.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

War Horse

I've been trying to get tickets to the play "War Horse," currently running at Lincoln Center's Vivian Beaumont Theatre, for a couple of months. It's the story of a horse named Joey, taken for duty in World War I, and his young master, Albert, who spends the war trying to find him. The play, which originated in London, is based on a 1982 book by Michael Morpugo.

I listened to the audio book recently, which made me want to see the play even more. Friends who've seen it say it's an incredible experience. Elaborate puppets represent the horses, but puppetry is soon forgotten, as the horses become as lifelike at the human actors.

There are two problems with seeing the play right now. One, it's very hard to get a ticket to this sold-out masterpiece. And, two, any available tickets are well beyond my price-range. Alas. Sigh. This kind of thing is right up my alley. But as soon as I scrape up the funds and wrangle one of those hard-to-nab tickets, I'll write a review.

What are other good resources for studying the role of horses during World War I?
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